Another Step Towards Becoming A Tasmanian

Becoming a TasmanianLast week I relinquished my Queensland car number plates. I’d already switched my Driver’s Licence and my Electoral Role details, set up a local Post Office Box address and got myself a library (LINC) card but driving around on Tasmanian plates is a constant visible reminder that I’m now a local and not just another visiting mainlander.

The process is simple:-

Take your car to an approved service centre and put your car “over the pits” to make sure that it is safe and road-worthy.

Assuming all is well, pay around $100 for this half hour scrutiny.

Take your number plates and the completed form the garage gives you to a Service Tasmania office and pay a new six or twelve month registration fee which includes an amount of around $20 for your new plates.

Haggle with the staff for a registration number that you are likely to remember and then affix the plates to your car.

Make sure you get a receipt for the relinquished plates.

Go on line to check out the procedure for notifying your state of origin Transport Department that you have handed in your plates and would like a refund on what remains of your registration period .

Post the paperwork and the Service Tasmania receipt to them.Tasmania Explore

Keep a copy.
Good Luck!

The Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads have promised me that the Newman government has enough money in state revenue for a refund and that I will be reimbursed 7 – 10 days after they have received my paperwork. Fingers crossed.

My new plates consist of only three letters and two numbers in a very pleasing cobalt-blue on a white background with the slogan “Tasmania – Explore the possibilities”. I will certainly do my best with their call to action.

not my number!

not my number!

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