Chocolate Is Good For You!

The myth that chocolate makes you fat and gives you spots still persists but the latest research from Scientific America tells us that dark chocolate with 70% or more cocoa content is good for us – with the proviso that it is “portion controlled”.

That’s great news BUT I’ve never been able to buy a 100g bar of Lindt dark chocolate (sea salt is my personal favourite) and ration myself to a couple of pieces. It’s like having a packet of Tim Tams in the house – I do not rest until it’s all gone.

And Easter is not a time for restraint. Recently I discovered Cygneture Chocolates from Cygnet in the Huon Valley near Hobart. That’s Gourmet Farmer country for those of you who have watched the TV series. I met the lovely Gillian Ryan, the owner/creator of Cygneture Chocolates, at A Taste of the Huon festival in early March. It was a warm day and the chocolate was melting. Gillian, from Ireland, was looking a little flushed but was bravely carrying on despite the heat and the softening confectionery. New York Lindt

The experience of chocolate engages all five senses and Cygneture Chocolates have recently moved into the old bank building in Cygnet’s main street where you can smell the chocolates and see them being crafted by hand before touching and tasting them and hearing those delicious casings break. They are both a labour of love and a work of art – almost too good to spoil by eating or gifting to someone else to devour. But I forced myself to sample some. Now just try standing between me and their salted caramel, praline and dark chocolate bars!

Which reminds me of a Boynton cartoon from years ago when the hippo character was discovered hiding in the bottom of a wardrobe, looking guilty and with a face covered in chocolate – the caption read: “Chocolate wasn’t meant to be shared.” And that is a timely reminder this Easter to keep your chocolate eggs, bunnies and bilbies to yourself and gently ration your consumption in the name of good health.

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