Why Tasmania is better than Queensland

Flour WindmillI had been visiting Tasmania for over a decade before making the decision to move here permanently at the beginning of the year.  It was a good choice and I’ve come up with a not-so-definitive list of why Tasmania is better than Queensland.


  1. There are no crocodiles in Tasmania.
  2. We don’t get cyclones down here.
  3. Campbell Newman (premier of Qld) was raised here but he went to Queensland. Yeah!
  4. There are no tolls and tunnels in this state.
  5. Petrol prices are relatively static, not up and down on an almost daily basis like the proverbial “tart’s knickers”.
  6. We have daylight saving. Surprisingly, the curtains don’t fade and the cows still give milk.
  7. Our health insurance is slightly cheaper.
  8. The bananas are always ready to eat – they’ve had to travel further and are nicely ripe by the time they reach us. Quieter Beaches
  9. You do not have to run the gauntlet of the party faithful at the polling stations on voting day here – for some reason, that activity has been banned.
  10. I can wear my winter boots, jackets and scarves for more than two weeks a year.
  11. Tasmanian drivers are much more polite and less aggressive than Queensland drivers and they generally know to keep left when not over-taking.
  12. When you have a proper winter, you really appreciate the summer.
  13. The Tasmanian government will loan you money (interest free) to buy art made by local artists. If you are an Australian citizen and want to buy Tasmanian art from participating galleries, have a look at www.collect-art.com.au
  14. Tasmania still has Cracker Night! Heavily regulated and controlled but locals can still light their catherine wheels, bangers and rockets on the night of May 24.
  15. There is no Ikea in Tasmania. Some may not think that is a good thing.

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