Moving on and Settling in

Kingston BeachWhen you move, “flit” or relocate, you are not just leaving behind your friends, family, neighbours and work colleagues but that tribe of others who are a part of your support network – hairdresser, doctor, dentist, plumber, nail technician/beauty therapist (for some), vet, barista.

We kept our Queensland-based accountant and lawyer who can still work from a distance via phone, mail and cyberspace but we are still building our other supports.

Rebuilding that system of supports, connections and relationships takes time but you know that you’ve “cracked it” when by repeated contact, someone remembers your name or your preferences. I attained a minor milestone recently when Jon at Atlas Espresso  greeted me by name and knew that my coffee order was a regular flat white. I had momentarily become an acknowledged character in the daily drama of the morning coffee rush.

Jo and Vicki, my old hairdressers, have yet to be replaced. I’ve tried a couple of places but they haven’t come up to scratch. Maybe I should be patient and give them another chance because I was spoilt by both longevity and familiarity with the girls from Taylor Made Styling in Redcliffe.

I’ve registered with a medical centre but have yet to need the services of a GP. I seem to be a lot healthier in a colder climate. I should also look for a new dentist but I’m procrastinating over this one. I’ve never been fond of visits to the dental surgery.

No need for a plumber or electrician yet as we’re still renting – or a vet as we are yet to adopt another cat or dog as, yes, we are still renting and pets are not allowed. We had to find an approved mechanic when our cars went “over the pits” to be registered in Tasmania but there were only a couple of options locally and details were provided by Service Tasmania.

The women on my course and a couple of new friends have been helpful with all matters real estate – which areas and terrain to avoid, where the warmer spots are, which districts have more rain and the horrible histories of some suburbs………….and which agents are worse than the others!

Battery PointLocals are proving the best source of information. “Ask Ken” – as in, Ken-the-Antenna-Man – has become the catchphrase in our house when we need to know something or someone. Ken runs a local Men’s Shed, was born and raised in the area and used to run the local butcher’s shop. There is not much that Ken doesn’t know. And never forget the value of the staff at the post office – hubs of knowledge, opinion and local gossip.

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