Map Your Treasure My Precious!

Treasure MapI’ve made several Treasure Maps (Inspiration Boards or Vision Boards) over the last few years – when starting a new job or project, at the beginning of a New Year or new season, for a milestone birthday or simply when I want to attract new things into my life or change direction. My move to Tasmania was supported by my maps.

The thinking behind the map is for it to visually express your intents or desires and by placing it in a prominent place, remind yourself daily what it is you want to bring into your life or what is already there and that you are grateful for. It can inspire, motivate and affirm.

I was first introduced to Treasure Maps in Brisbane at the old Relaxation Centre in Fortitude Valley by the lovely Rothy Benson – now a resident of Byron Bay and known to many as the Labyrinth Lady. I’ll blog another time about labyrinths and the fun you can have building them but for now, let me explain how to make a Treasure Map.

It’s simple and it’s fun……….

Get hold of a large piece of coloured card or a corkboard and either glue or pins/tacks and a pair of scissors plus a big pile of magazines, coloured pens, glitter (if you must), quotations and maybe an envelope (to put secret wishes in) photographs, drawings and anything else that appeals to you in creating your map. Ideally, also find a photo of yourself that you like or something which you feel represents you.

Take time to flick through the magazines or sort the photographs by ripping out the pages or selecting the images that appeal or “speak” to you. Some people have a theme in mind when they start, like improving health or manifesting a new job, others just let the theme evolve from their chosen images. It’s a very satisfying and creative process that you are engaging in so give yourself at least a couple of hours of uninterrupted “me” time. A glass of wine and supply of Tim Tams may help you focus too. Sometimes, it’s nice to do this as a group activity.Preparing To Make

Once you have selected all your images, quotes, affirmations etc you can then start cutting out, arranging on the cork board or card and then pin or glue them into place. Put the image or representation of yourself in the centre, add power words, mantras, intentions. It is only complete when you are satisfied with the result. It can be a constant “work in progress” – especially if you use a pin board. If you have used glue then you can always add more to it by layering but if you laminate it, then it’s pretty well fixed and finished and then you can simply start a new one.

A Treasure Map can help you find your purpose and give you clarity, excavate the authentic you. A personal Treasure Map can be a collage of your ideal life. It can be used as a visual tool to focus your creative energy in the direction you wish to go. It can be a blue print or plan for how you want your life to unfold. It allows you to express gratitude for all the good things that are already a part of your life – family, friends, work, home, pets – as well as the things you want to attract to you.

Make one. Make several. Keep your map in a place where you will see it frequently but if you don’t want others to see it, hang it on the back of your wardrobe door. A Treasure Map is easy to make, doesn’t require any particular skill – just let your creativity flow and the results will sometimes surprise and delight you. Happy making.