redapplesourceWhen you take away the clutter of “stuff” – relationships, work, obligations, possessions, technology, expectations – in your life………what’s left? Who are you at your core?

Hi, I’m “Polly” (using my childhood nickname to protect the innocent) – sea/tree changer, recently retired from mental health social work, dabbler in all things creative who moved to Tasmania a year ago for a cooler and quieter post-work life. I also became a visual arts student during 2014 and moved into a community by the sea.

This personal blog is about my transition from work to whatever comes next. It’s about change, shedding a lot of “stuff” that isn’t serving me well, savouring the small, creativity and sustainability – and anything else that grabs my attention. This is my indulgence but please join me and share the journey.

Why “Red Apple Source”?

Well, apples are a wholefood – a little bundle of natural nutrients and fibre and all the sweet stuff that is good for you. An apple is heart-shaped like Tasmania, the “Apple Isle”, which is now my “forever” home. Red is my favourite colour – representing energy and passion. “Source”, meaning the origin or beginning of something, is also a homonym with “sauce” – used to enhance a meal.

Love Polly xx

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