The Gift of Giving

Kiva means "unity" in Swahili

Kiva means “unity” in Swahili

Australians are some of the wealthiest people on the planet and for me that translates to a need to share my good fortune with others who don’t have the same advantages and opportunities. A few years ago I discovered Kiva on-line. Continue reading

Chocolate Is Good For You!

The myth that chocolate makes you fat and gives you spots still persists but the latest research from Scientific America tells us that dark chocolate with 70% or more cocoa content is good for us – with the proviso that it is “portion controlled”.

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Rhubarb and other Stuff

Tassie RhubarbWe inherited a veggie patch and a lot of weeds when we moved into our rented home near Hobart. A few straggly tomato plants remain, a tentative strand of what looks like raspberry vine, a healthy and multiplying patch of silver beet and a generous clump of rhubarb – a stalwart favourite in the urban gardens of my English childhood.

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Finding our “Forever” Home

Hobart HousesLooking for our next, “forever” home in Tasmania is becoming an exercise in frustration. There are plenty of houses for sale but there are four criteria boxes we need to place a tick in before we buy. We have ticked up to three boxes for some properties but the elusive fourth has remained empty or has a large X in it. Continue reading

Another Step Towards Becoming A Tasmanian

Becoming a TasmanianLast week I relinquished my Queensland car number plates. I’d already switched my Driver’s Licence and my Electoral Role details, set up a local Post Office Box address and got myself a library (LINC) card but driving around on Tasmanian plates is a constant visible reminder that I’m now a local and not just another visiting mainlander. Continue reading

Tasting Tasmania

Fresh VegiesI went to my first Bream Creek Farmers Market yesterday. They are held on the first Sunday of every month at the Bream Creek Showgrounds which is a short drive after turning off the Tasman Highway at Copping – just over 50kms from central Hobart. Continue reading